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Welcome to my art gallery

January 7, 2019- First blog created today. Follow link in upper right hand corner.

January 1, 2019- A new year begins. This website is just in beginning stages. I have been maintaining a portfolio site since 2017. All sales were done through contact form and email. I have decided to try and make the process easier for the clients. Ultimately my goal is for the buyer to go from purchasing the art and then directly to print and canvas choices. The printing will be coming down the road. Right now my goal is to get choice pieces uploaded and ready for sale. My photoshop brushes are an easier process. The abr. files are ready to go. Purchase and download the abr. file is available now. I will be adding as many as I can each day. I have literally hundreds of custom brushes. Another goal this year is to add the blog feature. My portfolio site is still open and will stay open. It has all my work. If you see something on my portfolio site that you do not see here please contact me using contact link at bottom of each page. I will get back to you as soon as possible and I will make it a priority to get that piece ready for upload and purchase here. I am still learning the squarespace interface so bear with me. Hope you all have a great year and looking forward to hearing from you.

All artwork on this site are Limited Editions. Only 10 prints of each artwork will be sold.


Abstract Art

I create many of these pieces using my iPad Pro and apple pencil. I digitally sketch out the image. I then add paint texturing using Corel Painter and more texturing in Photoshop. I often overlay my these pieces with traditional watercolor and acrylic work I have created and scanned into my iMac. It gives it that embossed realistic appearance of traditional mixed media. There are many steps to complete each piece. Often other traditional artists inquire as to what media I use. It is a great compliment that most traditional artist mistake my digital work for traditioanl. I create all my work at 400dpi to make nice large canvas prints. I have a 45x60 inch in my home that came out beautifully. See my clients gallery for large prints on glass panels.


Mixed Media Collage

These are so much fun to create. I have collected thousands of pieces of ephemera over the years. I love to find a new vintage book or newspaper I can scan or something I find online to use in these collages. I also use ink, watercolors and acrylic paint, ripped pieces of cardboard, rice paper and fabric I take them to my scanner and then upload to my computer for later use. I combine all the pieces in photoshop. I have spent years perfecting the torn edge, worn and grunge style or whatever or whatever it takes to make all the pieces come together. Again all work is created at 400 dpi for later print use.


3D Collage

These unique pieces are incredibly complicated and time-consuming, which is the reason for the higher price tag then other work in my galleries. Each piece has actual 3D rendered elements I created in C4D software. I incorporate the 3D with photography, vector and other digital elements. These pieces are bright and bold. They have a very technical look to them. They print beautifully on aluminum or glass.


Photoshop Brushes

Over the years I have created hundreds of photoshop brushes. I use them every day in all my work. I create anywhere from 4 to 12 brushes per pack. Some of the brushes are created strictly for stamping others you can use to paint with. For instructions on installing these brushes see this link on Adobe site.