Procreate Brushes


I have been working in procreate since 2016 and I have created many abstracts in this program with just the standard brushes procreate comes installed with. But recently I have been experimenting with brushes that work in my mixed media collages. I searched internet for how-to videos on creating brushes. Two things you need is a jpeg of a stamp. It could be traditional paint, watercolors or ink. Second you need textures. I have hundreds of folders on my computer filled with jpeg texture images. So I got to work on choosing the pieces to create the brushes. Once I had imported them into procreate then the tedious job of getting settings right for each brush. The beauty of procreate is you can create 5-10 different brushes from the same jpeg just by making adjustments in the brush settings. 

I have been using Procreate for two years and rarely have I touched the settings. If I did, it was just to make minor adjustments. In the past week I have become more then familiar with each setting in the brush panel. I have also learned how to convert some of my photoshop brushes to procreate.  

I have created two 20 brush packs. I gave some of them to my husband to play with and he has used them in his artwork. I have been so busy creating brushes I haven’t had time to actually use them other then the blog image above. 

My first pack- Volume 1 is a mix of different types of brushes (grunge textures,  checkered patterns, trees & alcohol ink splatters). The second pack are watercolor brushes. Most of these brushes use the wet mix option for the watercolor effect.

You can purchase the brushes here

If you use them in your artwork I would love to see your work.