Overview of New Website

Todays an overview on why i decided to start an e-commerce site. 

Over the past few years when a buyer showed interest in my work they woud reach out to me as to what the options were for buying my work and hanging the art in their home. I would explain to them the process of taking the .jpg file to print. Half the time i would lose them. I also want to make purchasing my photoshop brushes easier. After some shopping around I decided to go with Squarespace. I have completed the basic design. I will be uploading more pieces in the coming weeks. I am still looking for a widget or software to incorporate printing options into my website. Any suggestions? I would be glad to hear any. Already looked into Fotomoto. Their website needs to be updated. All their example sites are no longer using their software, so that doesn’t seem like a reputable option. 

Photoshop Brushes are another part of my sales. I have created so many over the years that i have a collection over 300. I will not be selling all of them. I have chosen the more unique ones to sell, however their are some typical watercolors and splatter ones that you can never have enough of. 

I will try to blog as often as I can, but blogging is not the purpose of this site. I am an artist not a writer so I will blog when something changes or there are updates that are worth knowing. For now enjoy the site and be sure to stop in often as I will be adding all kinds of creative stuff each week.