Photography by Gina


Yesterday I started uploading some of my photographs. Most of of my digital photographs are on my portfolio site. Many of those pics are from a variety of sources including my iPhone. These images are all originally high resolution raw photography taken with my old Olympus E-30 DSLR, my Sony Cybershot and now my new Nikon D7200. I’m still learning about my new camera. My husband has been a Nikon user for years so I have help. I will upload the best of what I capture. These images are for sale for print. I tried to be specific about dimensions and dpi of each image.

My photographs I not only use as stand alone shots. Many of my photographs are used as textures in my collage work. Sometimes I use the shot as one element of many pieces in a collage or it may be a focal piece in collage.

I will be uploading more this week. Stay tuned.