iPhone 11 Pro Max & Procreate 5

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 9.25.26 PM.png

Its that time of the year where I upgrade my iPhone for the new iPhone. I like a big screen so I always go with the Max or this year the iPhone 11 Pro Plus. I chose the new green color. Im excited about the new camera features and longer battery life. Im reading that battery lives up to Apples promise to get 4-5 extra hours of power. I also read all about the new editing tool for photos and video which will come with iOS 13. The night mode option will be nice. I like to read in bed and my husband hates the bright light of my iPhone. This should make us both happy.

Another event to look forward to is Procreate 5. It will have a whole new graphics engine with Brush Studio. Options will be limitless for brushes. All those photoshop brushes can now be imported into Procreate. One thing I suggested to Procreate was the option for color dynamics, producing more than one color in a brush stroke. They listened and its coming to version 5. So many other options. Click here for preview of Procreate 5.