Glitter Brushes

Glitter Brushes


8 Brushes. Use these brushes for scattering glitter. Use brush setting panel to adjust jittering of size, rotation etc. Up to  60 px.

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PS Brushes

Photoshop Brush EULA

Please note that you are responsible for seeking your own help with using brushes in programs. However you can click here for instructions to import custom brushes. With purchase you can use brushes in art projects for sale. You may not resell my brushes. You may not upload my brushes to websites or social media. You can not distribute these abr. files in any form. You can not claim ownership of my brushes. You may not use my brushes for business logos without my permission. You may not sell or redistribute a stand alone stamped image. These brushes are distributed for the purpose of incorporating the stamp or painted effect incorporated with other elements in a  project. Some of the brush files have been compressed due to large size. Use contact link for any other questions.